big girl panties

The unthinkable happens. I wake up 45 seconds before the alarm on the iPad, that I have placed across the room, goes off.  Its week 1 of January 2016.  Motivation is eh. Goals are set. Dog is snoring. All is normal.

This deadly hour is now going to be called sacred hour. The hours of 5am-7am and 9pm to 11pm is “kid free” time. I can run, read, watch shitty tv, look wayyyy to long at Facebook or my forever addicting babycenter app.

As you can see, I have not “blogged” in well over a year. Second pregnancy got in the way of life and now G is 1.5 years old. M is 6. Hubby got a new job. I quit my job. Dog is 14 years old. The world keeps on spinning.

On my very chilly ” why in the hell am I doing this” run this morning, I felt this very strong urge to write. I have 6 minutes before I need to get M up for school. I am not sure why this overwhelming feeling has hit me today but I am going to go with it… kinda like how I go for the craving of Arbys curly fries. What I have to say is the probably the same as any SAHM but maybe I can add a little smile or chuckle to someones day. Maybe no one will read this and it will just be an outlet or trashcan to put my thoughts.  I will trust this instinct. I will listen to the inner voice. I will now need to get Arbys curly fries for lunch.

3 minutes until M rises. Time to slam my coffee and throw makeup on this face in hopes that it sticks.



Author: Sherri

SAHM to two gremlins ( 3 and 7), runner, vegan(ish), yoga class taker, and lover of amazing coffee, wine and good conversation.

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