Done… Next.

Please add marathoner to my stack of “hats” that I wear.  I did it.  I completed The Chicago Marathon on 10.9.16 coming in at 04:35:26

There are days that I wake up and still can not believe that I get to cross “run a marathon” off of my list. The year of training was hard. Early than earlier mornings. Running in the heat, snow and rain. Overcoming an injury that took me out of training for 2 weeks. It seems like a blur but also like such a long year. I could not have done this with our the support of my husband, family and friends. Running was all that I talked about and really, all that I wanted to talk about.

After you run a marathon, people want to know if you will be “one and done”. I knew the minute I crossed that finish line that I will do another (several). I am already looking forward to running Chicago again next year ( if I am lucky to get picked in the lottery) and maybe /likely a spring marathon as well ( pending the winter weather). The mental and physical demands that I placed on my body was overwhelming. The fact that my mind and body responded so very well to 90% of the training made me feel like this is what I am supposed to be doing.

Now, I am not winning any medals with my time but that’s not why I am a runner. Some people run for competition. Thats not me. I run for stress relief and to bond with some of my dearest friends that I would not have met if not for running. I run to give my body what it needs and deserves. I run to be a better me not to be better than someone else.

I have only ran 1 mile since the marathon. My husband and I took a vacation to Mexico the day after the marathon. Since being home, I have done a few short yoga sessions while G naps. I think I just needed a little break from the early morning wakeups and the training schedule demanding from me what to do that day. There is no doubt that I will get back at running soon.

Run happy. Run always.

PS- This is my gal pal and one of my BRF, Krista.  We ran the entire marathon side by side. This was her third marathon and she PR’d!  I will write more on her later 🙂

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